Love Poems

You were the lovely
Flower on the side of the road that
Caught my attention


Your the lovely flower
Who decorates the vase of our home
Makes life worth living

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However often I have lost my way

However many times I’ve given up

However much I’ve wished for a new life

It matters not, now that I’ve so much more.

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Will you be with me…

…every morning of the first sunlight and the darkness of the evening twilight….

Will you be there for me…

…when miles separate us and you miss the gentle touch and my voice telling you ‘good night’?

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If there are no leaves in your heart,

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Beside the ocean blue
We walk
Side by side holding hands
To the waves gently caress
The shore
Far out to sea we watch
The storm
Brewing heading towards
Us knowing

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By Charles Robert Lindholm

Little Bambi Is

In The Tall Grass Just Waiting

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The Modern Sonnet ShakespeareI’ve been having a blast running the Lunch Hour Language Artists workshops.

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Heart can you heal
After been broken

Can you heal
After all the lies

Can you heal
After the broken promises

Can you heal
And go back before all these

Can you heal

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